At Howell Designer Suits 2, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best possible church attire, formal wear, women's clothes, business clothes and men clothing at reasonable prices.  No one can compare with our huge variety, and lowest prices.

Expect quality apparel at the most affordable price every time you order.  Each order is shipped via UPS or Post Office within 1 or 2 days of ordering except when an order is on backorder and we will let you know about the order status within 24 hours of ordering.  

We specialize in Missy, Petite, Junior, Men's Suits (4-60) and Women's Sizes (4-36) Women, Men and Boys suits at lowest prices online, plus free shipping

Couturier of Fashion Designers..

Chancelle Suits; Tango Suits; Milano Suits; Milano Suits; Susanna Suits; Terramina Suits; Annabelle Suits; Tina Louise Suits; Todd and Olivia Knit Suit, Aussie Austine Suits; Champagne Suits; Devine Denim; Elite Champaghe Suits; Italia New York Suits; Nubiano Suit; Church and Choir Group Suits; Fifth Sunday; African Essence; Longstry New York Mens Suits, Walking Suits, and Tuxedoes; Vinci Mens Suits and Sports Coats; Vittorio.St. Angelo Suits and Blazers;Franccesca Bellini By Benmarc; Jessica Taylor; High End Fashion Jewelry: and an exhaustive list of top notch designers.  





Howell Designer Suits II

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