Shipping Info


Shipping is done world-wide.Each order is shipped via UPS or post office . For international and rush orders please call or e-mail for shipping rates and deliverary estimates.

Ground rates within the U.S.A.  -   suits, weight

Shipping and priority mail vary according to destination. The average business days, for arrivals, are listed:-

COUNTRY                                                         TIME  (Priority or UPS)

United States and Canada                                   3 - 6 days

COUNTRY                                                         TIME    (Shipping)

United Kingdom, Caribbean and                          3 - 4 days (US$50.)

other countries

COUNTRY                                                         TIME   (Priority mail)

United States and Canada                                   1 - 2 days (US$50.)

United Kingdom, Caribbean and                          1 - 3 days (US$75.)

other countries

N.B. We cannot be responsible for delays in custom.

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