Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy is consistent with good business practices with respect to the collection and use of our customers' personally identifiable information. Your information will not be stored whether received electronically or by fax or hardcopy. We shall not store or retain your, PIN data, or Card Validation Codes (three-digit values printed in the signature panel of most Cards, and a four-digit code printed on the front of an American Express Card) of any cardholder. We will not use, disclose, sell or disseminate any Cardholder's information obtained in connection with a Card transaction, this includes the names, addresses and account numbers of Cardholders. The exception would be for purposes of authorizing, completing and settling Card transactions and resolving any chargebacks, retrieval requests or similar issues involving Card transactions, other than pursuant to a court or governmental agency request, subpoena or order. We will not retain or store magnetic stripe information or hardcopies containing cardholder data (including faxes) after a transaction has been authorized.
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